Season 3 Player Review + Callouts and Shoutouts

The definitive tale of the Season 3’s Most Likely To Disband Team.

I didn’t read the player reviews before drafting because I found them a waste of time. Impossible to memorize, too many bad jokes, very subjective (if scrub flames you, it means nothing).

If you plan on making a player review, just make a shit list. Just slander the people you think are trash or toxic. Don’t bother writing “idk know this guy exks ddedee” beside a bunch of names, and praising your friends. Even if @bloggers did this I don’t know if it would change how I drafted but the quantity over quality in most player reviews is rampant.

I write this because my team almost disbanded because after game 2 of our first playoff series. We lost anyways so may as well have saved ourselves the time. If you’re aware of community reputations you might have guessed Skai was involved and you’re right.

Skai was actually a great dude to play with all the weeks preceding up to this. Solid communication and PMA. The night before the series I did my scouting and updated our google doc. The next day I was chatting in the team discord about it and Sarah added some thoughts to the doc and the discord. Skai got super triggered at her for this, and went after her for being the lowest rank player on the team. He didn’t offer anything constructive, basically just telling her to shut up.

They muted eachother in the games and somehow we won game 1. But game 2 some shot calls didn't go through and a bad start to lanes got worse with a few uncoordinated fights and Skai got real mad about Sarah muting him (he had unmuted her at this point) and that this lack of communication is unprofessional and not what he signed up for.

After game 2 I’m in the DMs trying to calm people down and what not. Both of them offered to sit out, but I really didn't know the rules on that. Eventually I managed to get them both to play and figured i’d make a roster change if we did somehow win and make it to the next week.

Player reviews with reduced fractions:


Things were going okay in the preseason. Wasn’t really playing many pubs or keeping up with the meta. Got my badge and 6 inhouses with a 5–1 record. Then uni hit hard. I’m in my 4th year of classes and I thought I had a fairly balanced course load. No more than I’ve managed before and the least demanding job I’ve had. But holy shit was I wrong and it kept me out of practice. Had barely any time to pub with my team or others. The large majority of games I’ve played since the season started have been the LD2L Official matches since that’s all I had time for. More than likely I’ll be a Standin/FA next season. 2 Yarrs / 3


I’d played with Trooper a bunch before this season. He’s an awesome dude and I hope he sticks around for a graduate season. 1 Diffusal rush on terrorblade /1


He can be a really good player. We had 100% winrate when we drafted him weaver. Unfortunate that it turns out you kinda have to walk on eggshells to avoid triggering him. 1 PF chang trainer / 2

irunintotrees (trees)

Awesome dude, real sad his work schedule changed mid season. No offense to TrySoft but I think we could have achieved the same result with trees. (especially if we had him, the week vs hollywood) -1 overcontrolling bosses / -1

TrySoft (trees replacement)

Another awesome dude. Hopefully it’s not too late for this FA to get drafted onto a better team. 1 free agent / 1


This dude actually fucking rage buybacks in league games. I didn’t play with him much before the player draft and since he’s a popular member in the community I thought the whole “Toxie” thing was mostly a joke. He got really mad at me after we lost a practice pub before our series verse Chest. And gave a rant about team strategies and hard carries that I can only describe as “we should have our cake and eat it too” I kept having to probe him for more detail whilst trying not to trigger him further to make it sound like I was listening to his ideas. I’m surprised Skai didn't get triggered by this instead.

I empathize with the uni stress though. I’d recommend a break from gaming until the semester is over. 1 too many rage buybacks / 2


Real nice person. But didn’t really see eye to eye with many people on the team about dota, and she’s fairly vocal about strategies. She plays dota for fun and is very comfortable with her habits and game knowledge. I wish I had more time to build a constructive relationship with her and help her grow as a player. 5 Sarah suffixed nicknames / 6


You might wanna reserve talking trash until after you win or make playoffs or something.


The Admins. Good Season and website which only continues to get better.

Danny. I remember last year he suggested 5 man teams, and after captaining I now fully support that. More in a later blog.

Every Captain with a pirate themed team name ❤

Kyrix. Even though you aren’t pirate themed, Jackass. Really, by me captaining, I saved you from making the worse mistake that would have been drafting me this season. If you become a 3 time champ when the fuck you gonna graduate?

Rock Think we can bullshit our way to a team where it’s me you and trooper?

1Paz. For handing out free money.

DuckOnQuack. For handing my ass to me in mid and blurring the line between smurf and legit powerful return to dota. Can you recommend a good gaming chair? ;)

Choco For his really insightful comments.

Freeze For his constant clowning around.

Clap if you’d plunder that booty

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