LD2L Post Season 3 Blog


League format

Teams Should be 5 players

  1. Lower medal players get to play both games instead of getting swapped out and feeling less apart of the team and less apart of the league. This should lead to more practice and learning, as is the name of the league.
  2. Teams will not be forced to play at a medal disadvantage if one of their high medal players are away the team would not be forced to play their 5th pick as a replacement. You can always get a medal appropriate stand-in.
  3. Mid and lower medal players will be more likely to get the position they want. 5 player teams mean there will be more teams so the distribution of Legend and Archon players will be more spread out. Crusaders will probably be 3rd pick in the draft.
  1. We don’t have enough captains. Solution: We had a lot of maybes on the signup sheet.
  2. Drawback: People have lives and commitments. 6 player teams make things easy when someone misses a game. They make things easy to schedule but, as above, they don’t make things fun for the team that’s forced to play at a medal disadvantage. Solution: Standin and free agent pool exists for a reason. This leads me to…
  1. Draft sheet medal of standins does not matter . A legend 1 @ signup standin who grinds up to Ancient should not be considered a Legend 1 standin.
  2. Player’s current medal should also matter. An Archon 1 who grinds up to Legend 1 should be able to find a Legend 1 standin.

Nobody reads the blogs you don't write

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Nobody reads the blogs you don't write

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