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TLDR everyone got worse as the season went on except for Woh?

Battlegod (465 fluffers)

Battlegod was great at the start of the season. But then he started playing WoW and not dota and his play deteriorated (see: drawing mid against Chad Farthouse)

Would I pick battlegod again? If he…

First of all congratulations to Princess Protection Program for winning the season 9 player’s choice award for best theme.

Season 10’s theme is going to be Bootleg / Parody Orgs and Sponsors.

Now I know what you’re thinking if you’re not in the captains chat. WTF does this mean?

You could create a knock-off org, or parody of a real org inspired by esports or real sports, or something else entirely (see Barrel). You can go all out and have your own make-believe sponsors too.

Still confused? Here’s some examples:

Matty Boy has claimed Team Ligma. Barrel Rider has chosen Princess Esports Emporium (PEE)

Some unclaimed ideas:

  • Pittsburgh Aegis Stealers
  • Benevolent Idiots
  • Team ASSter 🍑
  • Team Solid

Hopefully there are enough examples to get those creative juices flowing and give captains and players ideas for a team.

Large blog. Team review and more. Sections are bolded so those of us with the attention span of a goldfish can skim through and read only what we care about.

Team review

Team review in the order I drafted these players. …

Featured in this blog are the images and names of teams that did not disband this season. At their end their is a poll to vote on your favorites. Winner gets discord role

Pants-less in Seattle:

We’re almost at the playoffs. One of our actors quit, the writing team has had to kill them off and there’s still a few scenes we need to re-shoot…

For example:

I know you guys are here to learn but did you even read the script?

My biggest regret is naming the team Bernie Sunders. Not cause it isn’t clever but because Bernie doesn’t win.

I suggested molskDonalds to go with the fast food theme but then molski just went on a weird rant about how he doesn’t eat fast food.

Which brings me to player…

Master league rankings then regular.

Great Barrier Reef Tier

Lava: Fucking obviously. AVG MMR is dummy thicc. Rock + Trooper synergy is a friendstack that isn't ♿. It is however pepega but lava should be able to keep them in check.

Scrub: I know the formula for badges is as retarded as koalas but…

Congratulations to Kyrix for winning the Season 4’s Space Theme contest! And thank you to all those who participated! We saw a lots of Star Wars and Hitchhiker’s Guide last season. In Season 5 everything is going upside down.

Because we’re going to the land down under.

Crikey! We’re going…

The team that disbanded wasn’t apart of the space theme… Coincidence?


I been busy but the theme contest is still going on. Ya, captains you can still win 20$ CAD steam card and there’s a score-sheet here:

Currently Yumi and Kyrix are tied for first place with 7 points.

If I am missing something DM me with proof and I’ll add it to the score-sheet. It’s not too late to rock a space themed avatar or post a space themed blog.

Announcement blog with scoring here if you need a refresher:

Luth out


Nobody reads the blogs you don't write

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