First of all congratulations to Princess Protection Program for winning the season 9 player’s choice award for best theme.

Season 10’s theme is going to be Bootleg / Parody Orgs and Sponsors.

Now I know what you’re thinking if you’re not in the captains chat. WTF does this mean?

You could create a knock-off org, or parody of a real org inspired by esports or real sports, or something else entirely (see Barrel). You can go all out and have your own make-believe sponsors too.

Still confused? Here’s some examples:

Matty Boy has claimed Team Ligma. Barrel Rider has chosen Princess Esports Emporium (PEE)

Some unclaimed ideas:

  • Pittsburgh Aegis Stealers
  • Benevolent Idiots
  • Team ASSter 🍑
  • Team Solid
Potential logo for Team Solid

Hopefully there are enough examples to get those creative juices flowing and give captains and players ideas for a team.



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